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We thought you might like to read a little bit about what happens behind the scenes or after the the work is done – a peek behind the disco lights, if you like. We hope it helps to make us more human, not just the folk on the stage, playing the music you want to hear.

So we created Small Talk.

The stories you’ll find in Small Talk are just simple little anecdotes that we have found amusing or entertaining from some of the discos we’ve provided over the past year or two or, in some cases,  a story or two from our own off-the-road experiences – our holiday stories when, true to form, we go searching out venues that provide live music in its many forms whilst we are abroad, taking a break from our own business.

They all really happened and it’s great to relive a moment or two when, no matter how busy you are, you can still see the humour tucked away amongst the everyday.

What you take away from a party night won’t be the same as the next person and it’s the same for us.

We mention no names here, so feel free to read on (or not) safe in the knowledge that, if we do mention your particular event, you won’t be embarrassed to read something you did or didn’t do there for anyone to read.

So, read on, or skip over – the choice is yours!

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