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‘The hills are alive with….’

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Most of Andy’s mobile gig work is to provide a disco service. His karaoke-only evenings tend to be where he is the host karaoke presenter at various Tayside hotels. So, it was as much out of curiosity as anything else that he responded to a request for a priva...


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Nobody can deny that this past weekend has been a time for creating many new heroes on a local, national and international level. We’re speaking, of course, about the Olympics and ‘Golden Saturday’, followed by THAT tennis match on Sunday afternoon and, to...

New Trends and Old Ways (or Hogging the Limelight)

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Checking back some previous posts, it seems our inclement summer weather is no new thing (see last year’s A Summer to Remember…), so let’s just park the weather topics for now and talk about something new. New trends are always interesting since, often as not,...

Burns an Aa’ That

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Nobody is happier than us that the upsurge of interest in all things Burns is holding ground, despite a certain amount of apathy in the younger generation (it’s not cool an aa’ that). However, the increasing number of ceilidhs and Burns Nights with entertainment...

January – When Thoughts Turn to Holiday Time

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Maybe it was the recent post (Burns an Aa’ That) that got us to thinking about it. Or, maybe, it was just the time of year when people start thinking about holidays that got us to thinking that we had never done a disco in Australia. Granted, we haven’t done a disco...
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