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As a reputable provider of discos, we treat your safety seriously. To meet the more exacting standards required at venues, BDS carries Public Liability Insurance (PLI) , and all electrical equipment is independently Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) on an annual basis, by an approved contractor, Pulse Electrical (Dundee) Ltd.  Every item is clearly labelled with test information but, in addition, the DJ carries back-up documentation which is available for inspection at all venues.

A Cautionary Note Regarding P.A.T. Testing

Unfortunately, the ‘green’ stickers used to show an appliance has been tested can be bought by anyone over the counter at trade suppliers. This has lead to a few less reputable disco providers simply filling them in with false information, and passing the appliance/s off as safe. If you are obtaining quotes from other disco providers, then for your own peace of mind we recommend you ask for additional documented proof that the tests have been carried out by a competent, trained person, and that the tests are up to date. You might be surprised at the reaction!

However, any reputable disco provider should have no problem supplying this information.

You should also be aware that due to increasing pressure from insurance companies, venue managers are becoming  more strict in the monitoring of these safety and liability issues.

We believe that our procedure of using an independent electrical contractor provides reassurance to our clients that they are dealing with a thoroughly professional disco provider.

The last thing you want is for your DJ to be turned away on the night  because he doesn’t carry the required safety documentation.
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