We’ve provided discos in all areas of Tayside and in some really unusual venues.

From sheds, to marquees, to a tent in the middle of a field, we’re unfazed by them all. It just goes to prove that, if the guests are ready to party, there’s really no place that won’t work…provided there’s a supply of electricity readily available!

We’ve covered all ages you want to celebrate, from 18th birthdays all the way to an eightieth or two.

A whale of a time was had by all when we turned up to a converted barn in the middle of a field, one time. The noise level wasn’t a problem though – only a few startled sheep to wonder what was going on.

So, if you have a venue in mind and want to organise a birthday party, call us or complete the contact form,  give a few brief details and a contact number and we’ll call you back to discuss your options. We’ll be able to give you a quote for your special person’s unique birthday party.


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