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We all want to make sure we get the best that’s on offer. And that applies to most things, whether it’s special requests from the kids for a certain toy or game or a holiday break for the family or even a meal at a certain restaurant on Christmas Day.

Well, it’s the same for booking the music provider at your office party of family gathering because, wherever you choose to have your event, you want to have the best time possible and having the right music and lights are very important to the overall success of the night. The Christmas spirit only goes so far on its own, it needs a little boost to get folk into the party mood from the off.

That’s where Bracklin Disco Services comes into it.

A Dundee DJ service, we have a vast experience in all types of celebrations but, naturally, Christmas and New Year discos are in a class of their own, not just because we’re ALL celebrating at the time but because we’re getting ourselves into the festive spirit – we’ve survived another year and are looking forward to the next and what it’s likely to bring.

Bracklin Disco Services have provided Christmas discos for many years now and we’re well acquainted with what people want and how they want to celebrate.





If you choose us for your Christmas or New Year disco you’ll be booking the best there is in Tayside. See our Testimonials page if you’re not sure. Then give us all call, but don’t leave it till after the summer holidays “to see how the money goes”.  We appreciate this so we ask for a small deposit on booking, with the final payment due 4 weeks before your event. If you want to pay in instalments up to that final payment date, we can arrange that too.

Obviously, everything is that bit more expensive at the Festive Season and we won’t kid you. Our Festive Season prices are a bit higher than for some other occasions. Think about it, we provide your entertainment whenever you want – right up to Christmas Eve and often, the Hogmany bells are ringing when we’re still working but, and here’s the thing, we don’t charge ridiculous prices just because it’s Christmas. We know it happens – each year, clients tell us they’ve been quoted silly prices because the providers believe people will pay whatever they charge.

We won’t do that. Our prices are higher than the rest of the year, but they’re still FAIR. We all have extra expenses at this time of year but we like to think we don’t take advantage just to make a bit extra.

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