Usually, it’s family members who call to arrange a disco in honour of their parents’ Silver/Ruby/Golden and sometimes, Diamond Wedding Anniversaries.

They want to mark the occasion with a special evening to thank their parents for all their years of hard work and understanding. And why not?

At Bracklin Disco Services we’re happy to see such respect and dedication…then we start to work. You’d think such parties would be easy – throw in a mix of music from all eras, add the song that the happy couple danced to on their wedding day, some eats and away you go. In reality, as the family will have found out, it can be harder than organising your own wedding. Not always, but, if there is more than one sibling involved, they all have their own opinions on how the celebration should go.

They’ve all agreed that a disco would be a super way to get all the family together in one room for a few hours. But then the fun starts. How many? Should we invite so-and-so we haven’t seen in years? Not her! Mum fell out with her years ago! Who were their bridesmaids? And, if the party is a secret, how do you find out what the First Dance song was? You get the picture. And, maybe, you’re nodding your head as you read this.

We’re not saying we can sort out all of those minor glitches but we can certainly take some of the pressure off.

Once you let us know what Anniversary it is, we’ll research the “Hit Parade” of the time and, if we don’t have any specific song (not very likely) we’ll get it in time for the happy couple to wind their way around the dance floor. If they have particular favourite songs over the years, we’ll get them too.

We love Anniversary parties at BDS. They bring together all age groups from the floor-crawling tots, to the not-so-young pals they used to go to the Palais with on a Saturday night. It can be like a grand-scale reunion – checking out who’s worn well and who hasn’t! Even those who can’t be there in person are there with the celebrants because of the memories invoked.

If your parents have a big anniversary coming up and you’re thinking about hiring a hall and inviting all the family, why not give them a golden memory – whatever the anniversary they’re celebrating- by having a family disco party.

We’re here to help and advise with the choice of music from the minute you book us through to the event itself. We’ll tell you what sorts of things work well to get as many folk up on the floor as possible, or what to play while you’re eating or wanting to relax to let the food settle or let the kids have their turn on the floor.

It’s hard work all round – but well worth the effort.

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