Our Commitment to Karaoke and Making You Sound Your Best


At BDS we believe that your Karaoke presenter’s main purpose is to make you, the singer sound the very best you can. That aspiration holds regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro, a Karaoke “virgin” or just in it for a bit of fun. Our sound systems are up there with the best. If we can entertain the audience at the same time, then even better for us.

But it’s not about just handing over the mike and standing back for the next two or three minutes. A good DJ should always be adjusting the sound, boosting or cutting-back individual controls for the entire song. It’s for everyone’s benefit!

From his days as a musician and singer, Andy Mac understands what each individual singer needs to sound his or her best, and will take time to set up their sound properly. If singers are a bit slow to come forward, he’ll step in himself with a few songs, as well as providing up-to-the-minute pop music in-fills.

Success for us means you and your friends leaving the stage with a buzz, and the audience having enjoyed the performance – for whatever reason!

Karaoke appeals to all age groups. That’s why, having built up our collection over 15+ years, we pride ourselves in maintaining a large catalogue of songs, ensuring we have all the karaoke standards right back to the 1940s as well as up-to-the-minute chart tracks. We make sure we get all the latest hits discs as soon as they are released so we’re sure to have your latest favourite hit.

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